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We have a passion for helping others look gorgeous with customized facial treatments.

About Wake Skincare in Wake Forest, North CarolinaWe want to help your skin look its best! If you’re seeking non-invasive treatments for creases, crepey skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, dry spots, acne, or other skin imperfections, improve the health of your skin and get back that luminous glow with our help at Wake Skincare.

Owner and founder, Jacqueline Grace, has a true passion for helping others feel beautiful and genuinely look their best. After completing her initial training and moving to Wake Forest, North Carolina with her husband, she was eager to open her own luxury facial spa. She was fortunate to meet and receive training from Maria, the owner of Italian Skincare (and a true master esthetician). When Maria moved back to Rome, Jacqueline took over and opened what we know as Wake Skincare today. Her specialty is providing customized treatments to leave you absolutely glowing. There are other beauty treatments on offer such lash lift and tints, brow tint and shapes, and full facial waxing services.

Our treatments are tailored to your personal preferences with our range of holistic and all-natural options as well as our cosmeceutical and medical-grade intensive facial treatments. We invite you in for an initial consultation, so we can discuss your skincare concerns and how our wide array of advanced facial treatments can help you achieve your skincare aspirations. We’ll discuss your skin type, your goals, and explore the beauty treatments that we offer.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients unleash their inner glow, and we can’t wait to do the same for you! Book your initial consultation appointment today to come and see us and let us help you revitalize and beautify your skin.

Dr. Joel Hummel, Medical Director

Dr. Joe - Medical DirectorDr. Joseph Hummel is the owner and supervising physician of Wake Skincare medical aesthetics.

His goal is to provide the highest quality of truly hands-on medical care to those committed to outstanding health. By creating a unique patient-physician relationship, Dr. Hummel utilizes customized hormone and nutritional supplementation coupled with tailored lifestyle modifications to optimize his patients’ health.

As a former collegiate athlete and husband and father, Dr. Hummel recognizes the importance of “functioning at peak performance” and of achieving one’s highest level of vitality.

Dr. Hummel completed his undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1998 where he was a nationally ranked heavyweight wrestler for the Tar Heels. Dr. Hummel matriculated from UNC- Chapel Hill Medical School, where he won the 1998 Salber-Phillips Award on Care for the Aging. Joseph completed his Family Medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic. He is board-certified with a clinical focus on anti-aging medicine and medical informatics.

He has been practicing emergency medicine since 2006 at emergency departments in North Carolina and Texas, where he has served over 70,000 patients. Dr. Hummel is the current Assistant Medical Director of Lenoir Hospital’s Emergency Department, and he was named Physician of the Year in 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Dr. Hummel currently resides in Wake Forest, NC with his wife Shelly and daughter Sophia. The Hummels are active members of Hope Lutheran Church, where Joseph serves as congregational chair and as medical director for “Touched by Hope” and “Night to Shine.” The Hummels own a 67-acre farm in Louisburg, NC, where they help raise chickens, goats, tilapia, and cattle as well as tend to an orchard, garden, and a 60+ kilowatt solar field.


Raven Johnson

Raven is a Medical Aesthetician with 5 years of experience providing elevated medical aesthetic treatments customized to her patients needs. Her passion for aesthetics started back when she was a Make-Up Artist. She’s a firm believer in your skin being the first step to a flawless application!

While Raven loves to provide customized treatments for all skin types, she specializes in treating skin concerns such as acne, texture and hyperpigmentation. While also educating on steps to take in order to achieve optimal skin health as well as providing at home skin care routine recommendations. Some of her favorite treatments include HydraFacials, Extractions, Dermaplaning, and Micro-needling. When she is not at Wake Skincare, she enjoys playing tennis with her pals and shopping.